We will be closed from August 17th through August 22nd, however, staff will monitor email and answer any questions NOT already addressed on our web site.

AMAZON SALES: Thousand Oaks Optical DOES NOT sell directly on Amazon. The following distributors are authorized re-sellers of our products:  Agena Astro Products, Eclipse View, Izgut Ltd., Israel, Shyh and SolarView. There are other sellers offering our products that we have no control over such as people that purchased our product and are re-selling without any agreement with Thousand Oaks Optical. Beware of price gouging. For example, a 4″ x 4″ piece of our film should sell for under $30.00. We’ve seen prices as high as $95.00.  We have not raised our prices in years and NOT before this eclipse.

AMAZON NOTICE: If you received an email from Amazon stating that they cannot verify the safety of the product you purchased, please be assured that if you purchased from us directly or from one of our approved re-sellers, the Thousand Oaks Optical product is genuine and safe to use. Amazon was not able to control the flood of counterfeit products (they allowed to sell) coming from China and other questionable sources so in their words are recommending not to use as an “abundance of safety.” That is fine and how it should be but a more accurate statement would have added due to Amazon’s incompetence.  All the appropriate documentation WAS submitted to Amazon by our distributors. Amazon has caused an unfortunate situation that has snuffed the excitement for countless people looking forward to viewing this great eclipse. We have manufactured safe solar viewing products for over 35 years and need not defend our product due to Amazon.

If you have doubts about the source of a Thousand Oaks Optical product, unfortunately we cannot authenticate it by email or phone. We would have to test the product in our facility.

Our viewers and solar films were first CE tested and approved in 1998. Some products note a “3 minute” viewing limit that was required printing for CE certification prior to ISO. In 2015 the new international standard (ISO) was initiated. There is no time limit for viewing with any of our solar products.

We receive many inquires about which side of the glasses, card viewer or film to view through. Viewing through either side is safe but facing the silver/reflective side towards sun will avoid reflections of your eyes in the film. Either side for our previous black/black version.

Media inquiries: Please use the contact form below and include a business contact number.